History of New Plagia.

New Plagia Chalkidiki is a large settlement belonging to the enlarged municipality of Nea Propontida , based in New Moudania Chalkidiki, with 1433 residents.
The area has been inhabited since prehistoric times.
Current residents are refugees, coming from Plagia of Eastern Thrace , came and settled in the place in 1922 , after the destruction of Asia Minor. The main occupation of the inhabitants is the agriculture and tourism industries. Mainly vegetables are produced.

Historic sites in the settlement :

Ιncluded the double-arched bridge in the 18th century , located in the stream of the settlement with New Tenedos. The bridge is believed to built by monks of Vatopedi shares (which was located in New Triglia ) and Russian equities (which was in the area of Nea Flogita ) and the Zografou Monastery located in the eponymous village painter.
The patron saint is Saint George and the church in his memory, is located in the village square. Located 2 km from the village to the north, near the main road connecting the settlement with New Tenedos , on a small hill built a small church of the Life-Giving Spring, on the ruins of " equity METOHI KARAMANI ."

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