The Trident of Poseidon in the bowels of the Aegean... This is how the magnificent Chalkidiki seems from high above. A blessed place - as if God put his hand to make it more beautiful - which combines the cosmopolitan environment with lively night life, with the serenity of nature... Endless beautiful beaches, crystal waters - a ''secret paradise" waiting to be discovered!

The visitor of Chalkidiki has daily a choice among a variety of interesting things. Hundreds of entertainment programs, tours, programs of special stroller trips, visits to archaeological sites and traditional villages, and many cultural events organized throughout the summer. The festivals, each year, are top cultural events, bringing together major groups from Greece and around the world.

At the same time the cosmopolitan Chalkidiki and the enchanting nightlife with hundreds of clubs, bars and beach - bars, create, in opposition to the picturesque and serene natural environment, an ''other' 'Chalkidiki that is an attractive and fun place for all ages...

Endless clean beautiful beaches, which are awarded for their quality every year with the most ''Blue flags'', they give to the visitors of Chalkidiki the best holiday of their life, because it is not only the unique natural environment, but also the facilities of hotel companies.

You that you are going for the first time for vacation in the ''hidden paradise'' of Chalkidiki, you can choose to stay in rooms, apartments, camping in a great luxury hotel, that are offering unique amenities combined with entertainment and nightlife.

The Agio Oros is the only living Byzantine Museum in the world. Entry is permitted only in men, but everyone can visit it from the sea by fishing boats and luxury yacht in daily cruises that are organized.