History of Nea Plagia

Nea Plagia Chalkidiki is a large settlement belonging to the enlarged municipality of Nea Propontida, based in New Moudania Chalkidiki, with 1433 residents.

The area has been inhabited since prehistoric times.

Current residents are refugees, coming from Plagia of Eastern Thrace, came and settled in the place in 1922, after the destruction of Asia Minor. The main occupation of the inhabitants is the agriculture and tourism industries. Mainly vegetables are produced.

Historic sites in the settlement:

Ιncluded the double-arched bridge of the 18th century, located in the stream of the settlement with New Tenedos. The bridge is believed to be built by monks of Vatopedi shares (which was located in New Triglia ) and Russian equities (which was in the area of Nea Flogita ) and the Zografou Monastery located in the eponymous village painter.

The patron saint is Saint George and the church in his memory, is located in the village square. Located 2 km from the village to the north, near the main road connecting the settlement with New Tenedos , on a small hill built a small church of the Life-Giving Spring, on the ruins of " equity METOHI KARAMANI ."